Contract Terms & Conditions

Kimberly Fence & Supply is referred to as KFSI for this document.

  • KFSI will,if applicable, remove & haul away old fence(s) & install new fence per manufacturer’s specifications and/or ASTM standards.
  • KFSI will reasonably clean up dirt(spoils) created from digging & place it as directed within the property. Dirt WILL NOT be hauled away without added costs agreed to in writing prior to starting the work.
  • KFSI will assist customers in determining property lines upon request. Under NO circumstance will KFSI guarantee accuracy or accept responsibility for inaccurate placement of the fence. We suggest you obtain a survey prior to the start of the fence.
  • KFSI will pull applicable permit. You must notify KFSI if you are part of a Home Owners Association(HOA)/Historical District. Their restrictions may differ from city or township regulations and may require separate permits.
  • KFSI will call Miss Dig to mark public utilities. Miss Dig DOES NOT mark private utilities such as,but not limited to,eletrical,gas,sprinkler lines,etc. Any damage to private lines will be at the customers expense & responsibility to repair.
  • KFSI retains the right to charge for what it determines to be unforeseen digging conditions.  Each yard is entitled to 3 “Hand Dug” holes. In case of,but not limited to,Miss Dig conflicts,buried concrete,rocks and/or debris requiring in excess of 3 hand dug holes,a $ 25.00 per additional hole charge may apply. Fence set to existing grade. Gate hardware installed @ installer’s discretion unless noted.
  • Balance is due upon completion of the work.  All materials remain the property of KFSI until paid in full. The customer agrees to allow KFSI access & right to remove materials in the event of non-payment.
  • The customer is not entitled to cancel or change the contract once initiated. Upon receipt of a written request, KFSI may, at it’s discretion,agree to terminate or change the contract. Returned credit card deposits are subject to a  10% fee. Any labor & material costs incurred prior to cancellation are non-refundable.  Special order & non-stock items are non-refundable.
  • The proposal/contract is valid for 30 days from the date on the proposal/contract unless otherwise indicated in writing by KFSI.
  • Warranty info see