General Questions

The price to install a fence depends on the material and layout of your yard so there is no fixed price. Our estimators will measure your yard and provide you with a quote specific to your yard.

If you are looking for an approximate price, get a free quote online.

Big Box Stores carry lower quality products to be able to offer the lowest price possible. Since we are offering only fence products, we provide the highest quality fence on the market. Our reputation is based on the quality of products and services we provide and we don’t always have the lowest price when compared to Big Box Stores.

Typically Yes. Installing fences in the winter can be more challenging but it can be done. Excessive snow or frost can prohibit fence installation.

Yes, it can be. The complexity of the layout, fence style, availability to tools, and ground conditions are the main factors that determine how hard a fence is to install. Our team is equipped with the proper tools, equipment, and experience to make the install look easy.

A typical residential installation takes 2-4 non-consecutive days. The first phase includes removal of the existing fence, if applicable, and setting of the new posts. There will be a few days between that and out return to complete the work. This is to allow concrete to set or fence panels or gates to be fabricated. Some custom orders can take several weeks from start to finish.

While both methods are acceptable in the fence industry, we recommend pneumatically driven posts to eliminate dirt spoils and decrease installation time without sacrificing quality. We use industrial air compressors with a fence tool called a RHINO that drives the post 4’ below grade. All gate posts are set in a concrete footing.

Cedar Lumber has naturally occurring properties that make it ideal for a fence.  Cedar is resistant to insects, weathering, and rot while pressure-treated lumber is an inferior species of wood that is injected with chemicals to try and mimic what cedar does naturally.  Pressure-treated tends to warp and twist where cedar does not.

PVC fences provide a maintenance-free consistent look for the life of the fence. Where wood fence will weather and turn a silver-grey, PVC fences maintain their appearance for life.

While the products have the same general appearance, the main differences are the strength of the materials, cost, and color options. Steel tends to hold up better than aluminum in some applications but is limited in color selection and tends to cost more than aluminum. The aluminum picket fence offers a wide range of colors and styles and tends to cost less than steel. Our estimators can help you determine which product is right for you.

Warranty Information

Kimberly Fence & Supply is recognized by CertainTeed as a 5-star dealer and 5-star distributor of Bufftech products. We provide a 5-year labor warranty, in addition to the lifetime limited warranty on the material covered by the manufacturer.

All CertainTeed quality building products are fully warranted. Learn more about warranties for specific products here:


Click here for the Postmaster warranty information.

Click here for the various Chain Link product warranties.

Kimberly Fence will warranty all chain link fences free of installation defects as determined by Kimberly Fence on a case by case basis for 5 year from the date of completion.

Kimberly Fence will perform gate adjustments limited to the hinges, latches, and drop rods of a gate for 5 years.

Click here for Elite Fence Products warranty on their products.

Click here for Ameristar’s warranty on their products.

Kimberly Fence will warranty all wood fences free of installation defects as determined by Kimberly Fence on a case by case basis for 1 year from the date of completion, not including any milling defects in the materials or natural processes that have occurred. Natural processes of wood include but are not limited to splitting (checking), splintering, chipping, warping, shrinking, swelling, rotting, or anything involving knots or bark.

Kimberly Fence will perform gate adjustments limited to the hinges, latches, and drop rods of a gate for 5 years.